Wednesday, July 21, 2004


JAMDAT makes first mention of brands in listing their competitive strengths:

We publish a diverse portfolio of wireless entertainment applications. The majority of our 2003 revenues were from JAMDAT-branded applications. We also have license agreements with, among others, Activision, Atari, Microsoft, New Line Productions and Nickelodeon, as well as the NFL, MLB, the NBA and the NHL.

JAMDAT has always been committed to building the JAMDAT brand. They have also successfully become the leader publisher of sports brands in mobile games, wresting that distinction from Sorrent. JAMDAT is taking the core of console game strategy and implementing it in mobile games.

There is some risk in this strategy it is in the fact that Atari and Activision are likely to claw back their brands as they enter mobile games themselves, but that is addressed by using brands from sources other than game publishers. The largest risk comes from the prospect of EA doing to mobile sports brands what they have done in console games: Using their unparalleled market power to turn non-exclusive sports brands into EA exclusives. For now, JAMDAT is the power in mobile games, and can dominate sports brands.


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