Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Not Afraid to Like BREW

The format of this blog is roughly linear: to annotate sections of the S-1 and comment on them. So the very next thing that jumps out at me, after finding out just how much JAMDAT is likely to make this year, is that JAMDAT puts BREW before J2ME in listing the application platforms they support:

Manufacturers are increasingly offering mobile phones with multimedia capabilities enabled by technologies such as Binary Run-Time Environment for Wireless, or BREW®, and Java®. Penetration of mobile phones with BREW and Java is expected to grow from approximately 23% of all mobile phones sold in 2003 to approximately 97% of all mobile phones sold in 2008, according to ARC.

Twice they mention BREW first. That is because, in 2003, BREW was JAMDAT’s bread and butter. Now that JAMDAT is fully international, with access to dozens of network operators’ game portals worldwide, BREW is no longer most of JAMDAT’s revenue. But BREW will still be more than 40% of JAMDAT’s revenue in 2004.

JAMDAT has executed strongly enough not to hide the fact that Qualcomm’s BREW, and, by extension, Verizon’s Get It Now BREW mobile commerce store, are where the money is today in North America.


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